Wednesday, September 19, 2012

45 Days of Halloween Movies, Books, and Music - Masters of Horror: The V Word (2006)

Masters of Horror: The V Word (2006) – One of the entries in season 2 of the cable TV series where famous horror directors produce an hour long entry. Ernest Dickerson directs in this case – a famous master horror director? At this point in his career he had directed Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (hardly the Citizen Kane of horror movies). He would later go on to direct many episodes of The Walking Dead and become a respectable horror director, so I am being too harsh here, but only to say that in 2006 he was hardly yet to the level of Master of Horror.

It wasn’t a bad show, again, more on adventure and less on dread – which I like. Not much to it – two teens break into a funeral home after hours. Okay, pretty weak intro. I’ve done some crazy things as a youth, but entering a funeral home was not my idea of fun. Back home it was against the law to enter a cemetery after dark. We scaled graveyard fences after midnight on many occasions. And guess what? We never saw ghosts, never were chased by vampires, I never once had a fight with crazed serial killers or mad scientists robbing graves. They were just boring places with a lot of things to trip over in the dark.

The teens soon find the entire staff of the funeral home dead. They are attacked by a man named Mr. Chaney, who is a vampire. One of the boys is bitten on the neck. The two boys escape from Mr. Chaney, but Kerry, the boy who has been bitten, is dealing with the fact that he is going to become a vampire and a series of cat and mouse games between Mr. Chaney and the boys.

Following the ham handed opening and obvious eye-rolling reference in the title to the L-Word cable series about lesbians that I never watched (in which he directed one episode, a really obscure wink at his own resume perhaps, if I hadn’t of looked it up, it would have been lost on me). This episode pays off pretty well with a vicious vampire chasing the hapless, stupid protagonists around in the dark. Escapist fun.

Me: 3.0 out of 5.0

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