Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Franklin Castle

The Franklin Castle
Daune O'Shaunnessey

Table of Contents

The Franklin Castle is a story of an investigation of a haunted house. It is presented in serialized fashion with a chapter at a time, as I finish editing them. The Franklin Castle actually is a real Gothic mansion in Cleveland, Ohio, and it is reported to be extremely haunted. The history and back story about the original tenants and other former owners is largely factual. However I’ve added some morsels for dramatic purposes. The mansion still exists in Cleveland’s Ohio City district, where many people over the years have attempted to live or turn the house into a business. Recent years have seen the house remain abandoned and catch fire. The structure of the house in the story is somewhat different than that of the real Franklin Castle for dramatic purposes. 

The Franklin Castle does not contain any gratuitous violence, strong language, or sexual situations. It is intended for a general audience from Young Adult up.

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