Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Student 3D Artwork

This fall on Wednesday nights I've been teaching 3D graphics. My class consists of eight boys ranging from 3rd grade to 5th grade. Now, put eight boys in a room, and it's a challenge to keep them on task. But, sit them in front of their own laptop doing cool things, that is a challenge.

Their computer skills ranged from not at all to pretty good - their artistic sensitivity was nearly null. After several sessions trying to introduce 3D concepts and making them pay attention, we finally arrived to the last three weeks of class where they needed to start working on their final project that would be shown to all the parents of all the classes.

Below is a sample of their work so far - some pretty really cool things. One boy accidentally made a sky out of water and produced a really cool starting concept of mountains under water. The other boys latched on the sci-fi aspect and worked on their own planets or deathstars.

I'll post the final projects as soon as they are available.

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