Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexi - 7 Years Old

Last week was my daughter Lexi's seventh birthday. Lexi is my child that has the most creative mind. We homeschool our children, and one of the subjects that I teach is Music Appreciation. We take all three kids, and play different styles of music and talk about the music. We will talk about the genre of the music - with entire blocks on classical, rock, jazz, and most recently R&B. One of things we focus on (especially for classical, jazz, new age, or soundtracks - with no words) is to listen to the music, and close their eyes, and tell a story about what you think happens while this music is playing. Lexi is the most creative, and she often comes to me and tells me a story and asks that I paint a picture of this story. Here are some examples of paintings I did that were inspired from Lexi's mind.

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